FUNDRAISE with Love Cross™



Special Fundraiser Product Line with Prices Starting at $35


Our sole purpose of bringing the Love Cross™ to market was driven by our leading and desire to help support youth groups, outreach, and missionaries doing a good work in their communities. We do this through our Love Cross™ Fundraising Program.


The Love Cross™ Fundraising Program provides a dedicated Fundraising Coordinator and selling resources to help take orders from friends, family, neighbors and co-workers near and far. The Love Cross™ design is patent protected and makes for a meaningful and unique gift year round... Birthday's, Anniversaries, Condolence, Valentine's Day, Easter, Graduation, Christmas, and Special Occasions!  Selling them is easy!


There are no pre-orders or minimums required, and no cost to participate.


Helping individuals and groups reach their fundraising goals, while taking some of the financial burdens off of families, AND advancing the message of Jesus Christ is a WIN! WIN! WIN! If you are interested in participating in our fundraising program, call us at (844) 774-LOVE ext. 800 or email us at The program can be set up in about 3-5 days.


Take a look at the earning potential in the below chart!

For more information or to set up a Love Cross™ Fundraiser

call us at (844) 774-LOVE ext. 800 or email us at